August 2017
The Great State Road Trip

This summer, a team from MSU hit the roads of Michigan to get a first-hand look at MSU's impact across this remarkable state. From East Lansing to Escanaba, see how MSU Spartans make Michigan a place of opportunity, innovation, and prosperity. Along the way, they met #SpartanNurses that are making a difference in Detroit and Flint.

Public Health in Flint

Flint is one of the many Michigan communities where Michigan State University nurses deliver public health services to the people who need them most. Bringing educational health fairs and screenings to community settings, Spartan Nurses have reached more than 15,000 Flint residents since the start of the city’s water crisis.

Who will deliver healthcare to those in need? Spartans Will.

Detroit Street Care Program

MSU’s Detroit Street Care program brings much-needed acute medical care to the city’s homeless population. MSU doctors and nurses provide hands-on learning experiences for students while caring for vulnerable populations that lack access to healthcare.

Who will transform healthcare delivery? Spartans Will.

Have you met your MI Board of Nursing Requirement for Training on Human Trafficking?

The College of Nursing is here to help with an online self-paced course.

According to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, there are 27 million victims of human trafficking across the world. In fact, both types of human trafficking- sex and labor- occur in Michigan on a daily basis. The College of Nursing has an online training module with continuing nursing education to satisfy new requirement for relicensure. Get started on this self-paced course.

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New Scholar Elected as Scholars Council Representative

Every year, MasterCard Foundation Scholars elect a new Scholars Council Representative. The newly elected Representative is Jackie Umurerwa, an undergraduate nursing student expecting to graduate in December 2019. Umurerwa is originally from Rwanda and has plans to put her nursing skills to work in her home country.

"After I finish graduate school, I plan on going back to work in Rwanda. My goal is to start my own clinic or work in a hospital as a midwife.”

Educating Patients about Oral Oncolytic Agents?

Chemotherapy is most often administered intravenously by trained oncology nurses in a controlled, clinical setting. However, the continued development and FDA approval of oral oncolytic agents has brought about a paradigm shift in cancer treatment. With about 30% of chemotherapy in the development pipeline and being prescribed, many medications are moving from the clinical setting to the patient’s home.

Do you know the primary education components that should be discussed with patients who are prescribed oral oncolytic agents? Eric Vachon, PhD student, shares some insight.

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A Force for Good

Nursing not only benefits the patient -- it causes a chain reaction of compassion that ignites world change. No one has felt this chain reaction more than Emily Weiss, CON AO BSN '17, who has been greatly influenced by her time serving as a health education volunteer in Guinea and as a recruiter for MSU's Peace Corps Office. 

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Randolph Rasch



Detroit Black Nurses Association Geraldine Doby Nurse Achievement Award

Patrick Crane



Elected to the Hospice of Lansing Board of Directors

Joanne Goldbort



Elected to the Michigan Public Health Board of Directors

Jackeline Iseler



Appointed by Governor Rick Snyder to the Michigan Board of Nursing


Emily McIntire



Selected to participate in MSU’s Lilly Teaching Fellows Program

Morgan Parkinson

Summer 2017


Undergraduate Outstanding Student Award

Angela McAlpine

Summer 2017


Undergraduate Spirit Award

Devin Pardee

Traditional BSN student


Nominated to the VALOR Program at the VA Medical Center


High School
Information Days

The College of Nursing is having a high school information day for students interested in pursuing the Traditional BSN program.

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September 22, 2017
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