August 2016
Limitless Thinking
Welcome Back from Dean Rasch

As the new school year commences, Dean Randolph Rasch encourages nursing students to "pursue limitless thinking."By adopting this mindset, he believes students will be prepared to handle today's evolving healthcare challenges with innovative solutions. "Our end outcomes can be made real if we take advantage of the opportunity in front of us: today. Taking advantage of today doesn't mean merely waking up and going through the motions. Move forward. Be adventurous in your problem solving. Pursue limitless thinking. Adapt to the ever changing environment; the sooner you begin thinking of yourselves as creative, clinical problem-solvers - the better," said Rasch.

Family Caregivers Conversation

The Michigan CARE Act went into effect in July. The act supports and equips family caregivers with the basic information and training they need when their loved ones go into the hospital and as they transition home. This summer, the College of Nursing hosted an event to talk about the CARE Act. View the archived livestream here.

MSU Now Tobacco Free

Michigan State University's tobacco-free ordinance went into effect Aug. 15, banning the use of any form of tobacco on campus property. In addition to traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes and chewing tobacco, the ordinance also prohibits the use of e-cigarettes and vaporizers. All FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapy products are permitted for cessation use.

The College of Nursing has more than a dozen Fellows in a number of nationally recognized academies and associations. Check out our complete list of nurse leaders.

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Barbara Given



2016 Outstanding Nurse Scientist Award from the Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science

Linda Keilman



Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association Award for Excellence in Education for 2016

Leslie Simons



Elected to nominating committee for the American Society for Pain Management Nursing

Teresa Wehrwein



Nominated as Fellow in the National League for Nursing Academy of Nursing Education

Rachel Cavanaugh

Summer 2016 BSN Grad


Undergraduate Outstanding Student Award

Deborah Finck

Summer 2016 BSN Grad


Undergraduate Spirit Award

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Nursing: Science, Art, and Human Right

Patrick Crane, Adult Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, is driven by his idea of nursing as more than just a science. To him, nursing is also an art. From this artistic perspective, spawns the passion to deliver care - a basic human right, in Crane's mind - and advance the profession. On study abroad trips to London, at the Ingham County Correctional Facility, and in the classroom, Crane exercises his philosophy.

Spartan Nurse Monthly: Fasting

Patients are often times instructed to refrain from eating and drinking before procedures, including surgery. Adherence to fasting instruction is vital to a procedure's success as a life-threatening condition - "aspiration" - is more likely to occur when patients fail to fast.

AANP Leader:
Gretchen Schumacher

Gretchen Schumacher, Director of the Nurse Practitioner Program, has been selected to participate in the prestigious AANP Leadership Program. The AANP chooses twelve of the nation's finest nurse practitioners to take part in the 12-month program.


September 10

Cindy Meteyer, CON BSN '98, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurse Practitioner, is leading the 2016 Hair-a-Thon in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Share your hair for a cause! Donations will go to the Wigs 4 Kids and Children with Hair Loss organizations. Come help a Spartan Nurse exceed last year's donation count of 50!

November 1
Case Management Conference

Are you a healthcare professional interested, or engaged in, case management? Experts from around the nation will discuss practice enhancing strategies for case managers at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center. Registered nurses, social workers, case managers, and other healthcare professionals are invited to attend.


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