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August 2014

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Grad at a Glance: Kelly Adams

Kelly Adams, PhD student, had to look no further than her hometown to find an idea for her dissertation. Adams is working to determine how psychological factors and emotion regulation impact patient outcomes in African American women with heart failure. She co-authored her first published article in the Journal of Nursing Care Quality, "The Relationship of Bedside Nurses' Emotional Intelligence with Quality of Care." In July, Adams was awarded her first National Institutes of Health grant, "Emotion Regulation in African American Women with Heart Failure."

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On the Street Run: Expanding Access with Street Medicine Detroit

Spartans are providing healthcare services to Detroit's nearly 20,000-person homeless population. Joseph Kalejaye, NP student, has accompanied Spartan Nurse Dean Carpenter (CON MSN '02) on 15 street runs. Kalejaye counts the experience as a unique and useful component of his education at MSU. The mission of Street Medicine Detroit is to ensure access to quality medical care for Detroit's unreached and service resistant homeless population.

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Elder Abuse Essay Awarded Research Article of the Year

Carolyn Pickering has been awarded Research Article of the Year by the Journal of Forensic Nursing for her article on injury patterns and causal mechanisms of bruising in physical elder abuse. According to Pickering, "elder abuse affects 1 out of 10 community-dwelling older adults, and 1 out of 2 community-dwelling older adults with dementia, yet it is vastly underreported to community agencies with estimates that only 1 out of every 6 cases of elder abuse is reported."

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Passion + Prevention = A Life in Pursuit of Reducing Childhood Obesity
Faculty Voice: Mildred Horodynski

I entered nursing because of the desire to give back to and assist others in living a healthy life. As a faculty member at the College for 34 years I have experienced the vast need for low-income first-time mothers to learn about feeding practices. They do not know what to do, when to do it, or how to do it. My goal is to close this gap and develop the mechanisms to educate new Moms.

Horodynski continues to expand her research efforts focused on healthy infant feeding and childhood obesity thanks to a more than $430,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health. Since rapid weight gain during infancy is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity later in childhood, her new research – "Tools for Teen Moms: Reducing Infant Obesity Risk" - will focus on early intervention strategies that are necessary to promote beneficial infant-centered feeding among these adolescent women.

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Psych Nurse Panel Discussion - What Every Nurse Needs To Know

Pilot study examines two different types of procedures for breast cancer survivors: relaxation and stimulating acupressure. Results show that stimulating acupressure helps patients with fatigue the most.

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MSU Professors to Join American Academy of Nursing

Lorraine Robbins and Address Malata have been invited to join the American Academy of Nursing later this year. Fellowship in the academy is highly selective and is considered the highest honor in the nursing profession. The induction ceremony will take place at the Academy's 2014 Transforming Health, Driving Policy Conference Oct. 18 in Washington, D.C.

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Oncology Nurse Researchers Investigate Integration of CAM and Conventional Therapy

People with cancer often turn to complementary health approaches to combat the disease, manage its symptoms, and cope with the side effects of treatment. In fact, the field of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a growing area of research and practice by oncology nurses as they help patients balance CAM and conventional treatments.

"Across the Midwest, 13 medical oncology clinics participated in enrolling 451 patients. Our completed study, which was published in Cancer Nursing in 2012, showed that reflexology improved physical functioning and reduced cancer-related symptoms," says Gwen Wyatt.

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Using Mindfulness-Based Therapies for Symptom Management in Cancer

Cancer patients often search for complementary healing treatments in hopes of easing the symptoms accompanied by their standard medical treatment. "Mindfulness practices can lead to improved attention, increased awareness of mental and physical events, improvement in perceptions of wellbeing, and enhanced capacity to manage stressors," stated Rebecca Lehto.

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Ten students from Lansing's Eastern, Sexton, and Everett high schools experienced what it means to be a nurse during a week-long Future Nurse Club Summer Camp. Pictured from left to right: Patricia West, Clinical Placement Coordinator, and Destiny Kyle, senior from Sexton High School.

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Kelly Adams, PhD student, has been awarded her first National Institutes of Health grant, "Emotion Regulation in African American Women with Heart Failure."

Mildred Horodynski, deemed one of the top rated abstracts out of 500 submissions from the State of the Science Congress on Nursing Research. The abstract is entitled, "Healthy Babies through Infant-Centered Feeding: Impact of a Community-based Home Visitation Intervention to Reduce the Risk of Infant Obesity in Low-Income Populations."

Henry Talley V is the project director for the 2014-15 academic year Nurse Anesthetist Traineeship award.

Spring 2013 Graduation Award Recipients:
Bethany Croskey
, AO BSN student, received the Spirit Award.

Michael Houser, AO BSN student, received the undergraduate program Outstanding Student Award.





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