January 2016
Susan Dunn: Scholarship on a Dime

Susan Dunn’s research focuses on the concept of hopelessness in adults who suffer from coronary heart disease. As a researcher who has had success with local and regional research funding, Dunn was asked to co-lead a workshop titled “Scholarship on a Dime” at a recent Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS) conference. This led to an invitation to co-write a special issue of the Western Journal of Nursing Research, “Conducting Research with Limited Funding,” which was published in October.

Support the Graduation of More ACCESS Students

Kristella Vue and Kirstyn Zdebski, the first two students from the Lansing School District who were admitted through the ACCESS program, graduated in December. Help prepare the next class of nurses through a donation. An increasingly diverse population needs a nursing workforce that can communicate with and serve a diverse range of patients in urban communities. With your contributions, we can support students in their pursuit of a nursing career.

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Switching Places: From Nurse to Caregiver

Amy Hoffman had just completed a run with her best friend when her friend staggered and fell to the floor. Her friend was diagnosed with insulinoma and had surgery, but the prognosis was not good: six months. “The news was delivered by the various members of the healthcare team in a respectful manner, ever cognizant of the audience,” Hoffman said. “I also reflected on how incredible it would be if this same level of healthcare could be given to people and their caregivers.” Hoffman's best friend and running partner was her 7-year-old golden retriever, Frosty.

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Amanda Brinker

Traditional BSN Student


Undergraduate Outstanding
Student Award

Sandra Costello

RN to BSN Student


Undergraduate Outstanding
Student Award

Peter Ferszt

Traditional BSN Student



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Spartan Nurse Monthly: Journey to Your Ideal Weight

Science has given us many strategies for losing and maintaining a healthy weight, but for some, the journey can be overwhelming. Changing your attitude to one of opportunity and renewal will position you for greater success. To lose weight, it is helpful to be accountable to an external source, such as a healthcare provider, a nurse, a dietitian, or a weight loss program. Della Hughes-Carter shares advice on how to start managing your weight in the new year.

Encouraging Emotional Wellness

Nurses always recommend self-care for patients and families, and we encourage our students to practice it as well. According to the American College Health Association, over 80% of students surveyed reported feeling overwhelmed with all that needed to be done within the past 12 months. Margaret Keeler discusses the programs and activities MSU offers to help students achieve emotional wellness.

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Caring with Confidence: Q & A with Maria O’Brien

Maria O’Brien, RN to BSN student, continues to learn and grow as a caregiver while working at Sparrow Hospital. She advises future nurses to find an experienced mentor. “I work now as a Registered Nurse with much more confidence than I thought I would have as a new nurse,” O’Brien said. O’Brien is not afraid to ask questions as well as help her coworkers.



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