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June 2014

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MCC and MSU Sign Nursing Agreement

Officials from Muskegon Community College's nationally accredited Nursing Program and the Michigan State University College of Nursing signed a concurrent enrollment agreement on May 7. The agreement provides a seamless pathway for MCC students to enroll at MSU while they are completing their associate degree program and to directly enter the MSU online RN to BSN program.

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The Living History Project: Stories Told by Michigan's Oldest Old

Linda Keilman and two other colleagues from the Michigan State University School of Journalism were recently awarded a grant in the amount of $15,000. The project will film ethnographic interviews of the state's "oldest old" residents for the purpose of providing a window to Michigan's rich cultural history and to gain an understanding of older adult's thoughts on their longevity, resilience, and quality of life. Oldest old is the term used to describe individuals 85 years of age and older who globally represent the fastest-growing age cohort. The stories will be aired in May 2015 on the NPR affiliate radio station WKAR and posted on and "The Living History Project's" website.

Effects of Cumulative Trauma Load in Urban African American Youth

African American youth are at risk for direct health effects from exposure to violence. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, violence and trauma rates in 2010 indicated that 4,828 young people between the ages of 10 and 24 years were victims of homicide, with African American youth the most likely to die. Learn more about Rhonda Conner-Warren's examination of the relationship between cumulative trauma and urban African American adolescents' blood pressure, heart rate, and perceptions of health published in the Journal for Specialist in Pediatric Nursing.

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Faculty Voice: Sandra Spoelstra
Sleeping with your iPhone

Do you sleep with your iPhone? My aunt does and I want to tell you about her. I am a nurse and research scientist. My passion is helping the elderly, especially those who have had cancer, have a better quality of life. My aunt is 85 years old and had cancer years ago. After treatment, the nerves in her legs were damaged, so she wears braces and is in a wheelchair. Like most people, her goal is to continue living in her home independently. She loves her iPhone and keeps it within reach at all times. If she falls she can call for help, when she needs a prescription refilled she calls her pharmacy, and she can use it to stay connected to family and friends.

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Gwen Wyatt on Acupressure for Persistent Cancer-Related Fatigue

Pilot study examines two different types of procedures for breast cancer survivors: relaxation and stimulating acupressure. Results show that stimulating acupressure helps patients with fatigue the most.

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Addressing the Mind-Body Connection in Nursing

Is there more to a patient's story than just the physical symptoms that you see? Rebecca Lehto thinks so. "It's essential for nurses to consider all of the aspects of functioning, which include emotional and cognitive pieces," said Lehto. "Patients often won't be able to focus on their illness or what they need to do to feel better if they are emotionally distraught."

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Symptom Burden in Lung Cancer

Symptom burden is not only the types of symptoms the patient is experiencing. But, also how severe the symptoms are. In lung cancer, patients experience symptoms from the disease as well as the different types of treatments prescribed. The most difficult symptom for patients with lung cancer to overcome is dyspnea, Rebecca Lehto says. Although dyspnea is primarily a physical symptom, it also carries some cognitive component.

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Bott Building Earns LEED Certification

At Michigan State University, green is more than just a color we like to wear. It's a way of life. And to emphasize the point, it was recently announced that three MSU buildings have attained Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, certification.

The recently refurbished Shaw Hall Dining Center earned a gold certification, while the MSU Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum and the new addition to the Life Sciences Building - the Bott Building for Nursing Education and Research - earned silver certification.



June 26
Classes end for First Summer Session


June 30
Classes begin for Second Summer Session 2014


July 4
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August 14
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