March 2017
The Patient Influence: Introducing Associate Dean Anne Thomas

It’s a story as old as Florence Nightingale: a nurse radically changes the life of a patient, whether through a lifestyle change or for emotional support during a health crisis. But patients have just as much of an impact in shaping the lives of nurses. “Each person I work with contributes to who I have become in my nursing career,” explains Anne Thomas. From a nurse’s aide to MSU College of Nursing’s Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, every patient encounter has etched a contour in her career path.

The Will to Make a Difference

“I’m Roberta Dankyi, a nursing student from Ghana, West Africa. I want to help transform healthcare in Africa to make sure nurses are valued and play a bigger part in the system of care. I spend a lot of time in hospitals with family members, and I’ve seen how hard it is to get good care. Lots of people in Africa can’t afford good healthcare and that needs to change. We need more and better-trained doctors, but we also need exceptional nurses, like Spartan Nurses. Nurses are on the front lines. We are closest to the patients.”

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A Healthier Tomorrow

“We cannot always build the future for our children, but we can build our children for their future.” stated Jiying Ling. Her scholarly activity focuses on the prevention of childhood obesity in Head Start Preschoolers. She is winning awards, is continuously pushing boundaries to develop her research, and is actively publishing her work. Ling is determined to create a healthier tomorrow. 

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Michigan APRN’s Closer to
Full Practice Authority

Full practice authority is the gold standard for advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) practice. The close of 2016 brought many exciting changes for APRN practice in Michigan. The collective APRN community has been working toward full practice authority with legislators in Michigan consistently for the last three legislative sessions. Late in the last legislative session, House Bill (HB) 5400 finally moved successfully through the Michigan legislative process. The final version of HB 5400 does not bring all of the change needed to move Michigan to full practice authority. However, many of the pieces that were left out of the final version of HB 5400 were picked up in the BOM and BON rules and are helping to move Michigan APRN practice closer to full practice authority. April 9, 2017, HB 5400 (now Public Act 499) will go into effect.

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Good vs Great:
Q&A with Jamie Devlin

Almost 2.5 years into a degree through MSU’s Lyman Briggs, Jamie Devlin came to the realization that she wanted a career where she would be able to interact with patients and continue to build on her career. Now an RN-BSN student, Devlin has learned that following up and following through will make the difference between a good nurse and a great nurse.

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Jackeline Iseler



Abstract accepted for presentation at the International Transplant Nurses Society Symposium

Kendra Kamp

BSN to PhD student


2016 Sigma Theta Tau International Small Grant

Heidi Purdy



Elected to serve as Michigan State Liaison to Great Lakes Region V for 2017-2019


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The Footsteps of Florence Nightingale

Experience the sights and sounds of London while walking in the footsteps of the healthcare pioneer and founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale.
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