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MAY 2015

Nursing News


BSN to PhD Student: Q & A with Megan Flanigan

Megan Flanigan, BSN to PhD Student, will make the seamless transition into the College's PhD program fall 2015. “My sister, Sara, is also an MSU nursing alumna, and I can honestly say that I would not have been able to get through this program without her love and support... Dr. Gwen Wyatt has been a huge influence on my decision to pursue my PhD. Working with her for four years, I have been able to see what a fantastic and inspiring nurse researcher she really is,” said Flanigan.

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Nursing Ethics

An expert in research ethics, Douglas Olsen has been involved in developing and interpreting national ethics policy at the VA’s National Center for Ethics in Health Care and worked with international colleagues at the International Centre for Nursing Ethics, based at the University of Surrey, and with the journal Nursing Ethics. Here are two of his latest nursing ethics publications:

Good Jokes, Bad Jokes: The Ethics of Nurses’ Use of Humor
Humor has real benefits. But when does nurses’ joking about patients, each other, and the care they provide cross a line? Douglas Olsen examines the ethics behind nurses using humor in the workforce.

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A Nurse Ethicist’s Analysis of a Recent Nursing Home Sexual Consent Case
What are the mental abilities required to consent to sex? Explore a recent nursing home sexual consent case in which the accused is on trial for having sex with his wife, who has severe Alzheimer’s disease.

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Adherence to Oral Cancer Therapies

A Nurse researcher, Sandra Spoelstra, is examining interventions to promote self-management in medication adherence, symptom management, and prevention of drug interactions in adult cancer patients prescribed oral anti-cancer agents. Here are two of her latest news items:


3 Questions on...An mHealth Approach to Fixing Oral Anti-cancer Agent Adherence
Oral anticancer agents are increasingly playing a growing role in oncology treatments, but the problem is that research consistently shows that patient adherence to those drug regimens is less than 80 percent.

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The Challenges of Oral Cancer Medication Adherence
What are some of the reasons why cancer patients don’t adhere to their oral medications? Spoelstra says some patients don’t know what their medication is for. Therefore, they don’t understand the need to take it consistently.

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MSU College of Nursing welcomes the first cohort of Accelerated Second Degree BSN students in Detroit. This expansion is in partnership with the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine Detroit Medical Center campus. Pictured above, Teresa Wehrwein leads the ribbon cutting ceremony. View more pictures on Facebook.



May 28
MSU Accelerated BSN Program Information Session

June 8
MSU Accelerated BSN Program Information Session

June 22
MSU Accelerated BSN Program Information Session

July 9
MSU Accelerated BSN Program Information Session

July 23
MSU Accelerated BSN Program Information Session





Caring for Children with Cancer

Through intentional service work, Courtney Hahn Sullivan, CON BSN ’08, decided to pursue nursing. “I witnessed severe poverty and the difference that meeting a practical need with love could make in a child and family's life. Upon returning home, I was accepted to the MSU College of Nursing with the desire to work as a nurse with children with cancer,” said Sullivan. “MSU provided a firm foundation in nursing that has transformed into a springboard for opportunity. Thank you for investing in me - and in nurses, patients and families around the globe.”



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