November 2016
An Inspired Perspective

U.S. Army veteran Kyle Wilson's path to Michigan State's College of Nursing wasn't an easy one. From managing 60 medics in Korea to running a busy household, it's clear by her actions that Wilson doesn't have any desire to sit behind a desk. Wilson is the recipient of the Captain Sean Grimes Nursing Endowed Scholarship, and the Sergeant Leonard Bernard Graham III Nursing Scholarship, both supporting students who have served and are actively serving in the military.

The Reward of Generosity

MSU's College of Nursing gave $211,000 at the 2016 Scholarships and Awards Ceremony held in October. Without these generous contributions from donors, many students would not have the opportunity to pursue their dreams at MSU. The College's commitment to the success of our nursing students is demonstrated through financial support totaling more than $1.3 million in scholarships and awards that have been given since 2008.

Three scholarship recipients share their personal stories.

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Fighting Poverty Through Simulation

The first community-based poverty simulation event at MSU’s College of Nursing provided 83 students with a first-hand experience of the realities of living in poverty. By placing students in defined roles and situations of the impoverished through simulation, it puts them in the mindset to understand these harsh realities. This is important because, “Nurses are the largest group of healthcare providers,” said Emily McIntire, Simulation Lab Coordinator.

The simulation examines how lack of wealth ultimately leads to the decrease in one’s overall health. This innovative learning opportunity allows for more compassionate care while engaging with patients, as future Spartan Nurses can now draw upon what they learned through simulation of a life in poverty.

Making Every Moment Count:
Q&A with Rachel Hufnagel

RN to BSN student Rachel Hufnagel is devoted to providing individualized healthcare experiences. At her current position as an RN at Sparrow's Neuro Stepdown unit, she ensures that every one of her patients feels both safe and well-cared for. Hufnagel has returned to the MSU College of Nursing in the pursuit of becoming a more well-rounded nurse.

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Healthier and Happier via Holism

To many, the profession of nursing and eastern health practices - like meditation, Reiki healing, and acupuncture - are on separate ends of the spectrum. They can’t possibly blend to create an effective hybrid, right?

To Roxane Chan, nursing is an opportunity to embrace long standing nursing roles that are sometimes forgotten by implementing holistic concepts, integrating practices from both the east and the west. Chan’s desire to help others achieve wellness calls her to emphasize holism as an effective and valuable clinical philosophy. As a meditation practitioner, Chan’s mission is to teach holistic concepts to future Spartan Nurses and broaden their nursing toolbox. “That’s my job. That’s why I’m here,” explains Chan.

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Dawn Frambes

PhD Student


Passed her oral dissertation defense

Denise Soltow Hershey



Appointed to the AANP Network for Research Advisory Group

Mary Smania



Abstract accepted for the American Association of College of Nursing Faculty Practice

Abigail Hedemark

Traditional BSN Student


Spirit Award recipient

Kim Jones

RN to BSN Student


Undergraduate Outstanding Student Award recipient

Devynn Makidon

Traditional BSN Student


Undergraduate Outstanding Student Award recipient


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May 8 - 14
Experience the sights and sounds of London while walking in the footsteps of the healthcare pioneer and founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. Your guide for the week will be internationally recognized nurse historian and Nightingale scholar, Dr. Louise Selanders.


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