October 2016
$1.5M Gift from McLaren Establishes First Endowed Chair of Nursing

McLaren Greater Lansing has made a $1.5 million gift to Michigan State University to establish the College's first endowed chair position. The donation is the second largest gift ever given to the College of Nursing. The Endowed Chair for Behavioral Mental Health Nursing Education will support the development of nursing competencies in this priority area related to evidence-based care and improved patient outcomes among undergraduate and graduate students, as well as McLaren nursing staff.

This Woman Fought Back Masterfully After Being
Called ‘Just a Nurse’

A nurse in Australia is speaking out on social media after an acquaintance dismissed her as “just a nurse.” College of Nursing instructor Patrick Hawkins says, “It is not that I am ‘just’ a nurse—I AM a nurse and there is a big difference. Nurses advocate, collaborate, and coordinate care.”

Taking on Sepsis:
Q&A with Jana Belisle

Jana Belisle (CON MSN '16) is a leader among her peers. Now a Clinical Nurse Specialist at Metro Health in the Grand Rapids area, she has undertaken a large project early in her career. Sepsis. 

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The Start: Finding Answers
to Improve Health

Two Spartan Nursing PhD students are granted funding from the American Nurses Foundation to pursue research on oral cancer medications as well as breastfeeding practices among Saudi Arabian mothers.

Better Late Than Never:
Q&A with Kelly Alkema

RN to BSN student Kelly Alkema is committed to making an impact in the world of pediatric palliative care. After taking 20 years off to prioritize her family and loved ones, Alkema has returned to Michigan State University to become a Spartan Nurse.

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Spartan Nurse Monthly: Focus on Depression

Mental Illness Awareness Week was established in 1990 by the U.S. Congress to raise awareness, educate the public, offer support, and advocate for equal care through better legislation. For healthcare professionals, one of the first steps of mental health awareness requires identifying those at risk, or those who are currently suffering from mental illness. 
One common, but serious mood disorder often encountered is depression. Depression affects approximately 25 million Americans annually. Women experience depression about 70% more than men, and young adults are more likely to develop this disorder than adults over 50. 

This is My Why

Who will make a difference in the fight against breast cancer? Who will reduce barriers to care for men and women who cannot afford life-saving services? Spartans Will.

In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, MSU faculty and staff write about their “Pink Impact Passion Perspective” and their “why.” Follow parts one through four of our This is My Why series to learn more about what motivates them to serve others through the Pink Impact: Breast Care Services at MSU grant funded by Susan G. Komen, Michigan.

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Randolph F. R. Rasch



Appointed to the Capital Area Health Alliance Board





Kathy Dontje



ANA-Michigan Nurse of the Year Award.



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