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September 2014

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Caring Concern for Others
Faculty Voice: Douglas Olsen

Nursing uses science to enact values, and for me, the core professional value of nursing is caring concern for others. To enact that value to its fullest, nurses need the best science of health and disease, and rigorous ways to judge the degree to which we have maximized the potential of caring concern for others when giving nursing care.

Doug Olsen speaks of the caring concern for others using nursing ethics. He covers nurses entering the profession with the desire to care, expressing gut feelings isn't enough, ethical uncertainty in healthcare, and Western perspective is not the only way to view conflicts in values.

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Breaking Down Barriers to Improve Patient Health

Kathy Dontje is helping to lead efforts on effectively managing care for patients, specifically those with multiple chronic conditions and mental health issues. Students across disciplines will learn how to manage this complex level of care by working in teams to help them become more effective health practitioners. "We're all working toward the same goal in improving patient health," Dontje said. "Working as a team is a much more efficient way of doing this, especially since we're seeing more and more older adults with chronic and mental health conditions."

Dontje recently was awarded a three-year, more than $736,000 grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration, in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The grant will support developing a curriculum that enhances the educational experiences of students and provides a common, competency-focused, knowledge base for future practice.

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The Transfer Student Experience Comes Full Circle

Erin Buitendorp, student advisor for the RN to BSN program, shares her experiences as a transfer student, and also sheds light on how she now helps transfer students in their times of need. "I learned early on that the strengths of a good academic advisor are of someone who is knowledgeable, resourceful, and accessible. Someone who is willing to listen and provide a person-centered, goal-oriented advising atmosphere while encouraging self-efficacy. I am extremely fortunate to work in the College of Nursing and play a role in the successful matriculation of Spartan Nurses," said Buitendorp.

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Ongoing Disparity: Breast Cancer in African American Women

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer among African American women and the second leading cause of cancer death. Although white women have a higher incidence of breast cancer than African American women (123.2/100,000 versus 118/100,000), African American women have a 40% higher mortality rate. Additionally, breast cancer mortality rates are higher among African American women than any other racial/ethnic group.

Costellia Talley notes that breast cancer prevention and screening strategies must include multiple interventions that are culturally appropriate and targeted to the unique needs of the population. Nurses are in a unique position to facilitate breast cancer prevention and early detection among patients and the public.

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Development and Testing of the State-Trait Hopelessness Scale

Susan Dunn, PhD, RN, (CON PhD ’05) shares information on how hopelessness is predictive in the development of coronary heart disease and can persist in patients after a CHD event, adversely affecting recovery. Hopelessness may represent a temporary response or a chronic outlook

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On August 20, Michigan State University hosted the 12th Annual Joint Anesthesia Orientation for all incoming Anesthesia Students in the State of Michigan. More than 90 students from five programs attended. Pictured is the spring 2015 cohort of anesthesia students from MSU.

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September 27
College of Nursing Homecoming Tailgate


October 28
Case Management Conference


November 12
Conference on Pain




Traditional BSN Application Seminar
Multiple dates in September at MSU


Accelerated Second Degree BSN Information Sessions
Multiple dates in October and November at MSU
October 13: Information Session in Detroit


High School Senior Days
Multiple dates in October and November at MSU


All Nursing Programs: PhD, DNP, MSN, and BSN
October 4: Fall Information Day at MSU
October 7: Open House in Grand Rapids
October 13: Open House in Detroit


Doctoral Nursing Programs: PhD
and DNP

October 23: Doctoral Reception at MSU





Kelly Adams, PhD student, is awarded the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation Student Award Program Grant.





Director of PhD Program
Tenure System Faculty Position
Assistant Professor for Health Programs
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Temporary Staffing Employment Opportunities





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