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In 1969, the White House Conference on Food, Nutrition, and Health designated nutrition for young children a high priority. Almost 30 years later poor nutrition still affects toddler and preschool age children. Rural and inner city urban areas have high concentrations of families in poverty and poor families tend to have poor nutrition. Weight problems in children are increasing at an alarming rate, especially among low-income populations. This requires effective strategies to promote healthy eating. To improve the health status of rural, low-income families, efforts are needed which empower them to improve their health and nutrition behaviors.
Principal Investigator: Mildred A. Horodynski, Ph.D., R.N.C.
Professor, Michigan State University, College of Nursing.

Dr. Horodynskiís research and intervention programs focus on nutritional education for toddlers and parent-infant/toddler interaction of low-income populations. Dr. Horodynski has received federal funding for research in this area.

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Mission Statement
Our goal is to develop culturally sensitive measures of eating behavior and also to develop nutrition education materials to be used by Early Head Start teachers, professionals working in early intervention programs, and parents to increase knowledge of appropriate eating habits of toddlers, change behaviors to promote healthy eating and self-regulation, and reinforce behavior changes to ensure they are maintained. Early childhood is a period when self-regulation is developing rapidly. Many aspects of a childís functioning are interrelated in the development of self-regulation. Our study hopes to improve development of self-regulation of eating habits, thus influencing self-regulation of other behaviors.
Office Staff
Kate Smith, RN, project manager

Ching-Ju (Grace) Chen, Project Manager, Department of Family and Child Ecology
Contact Information
Toddler-Parent Nutrition Research Office
515 G West Fee Hall
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: 517-355-8360
Fax: 517-353-8536
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