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Girls on the Move Intervention Continued








With the help of a $3.6 million federal grant, nursing researcher Lorraine Robbins is expanding a pilot program statewide to help middle school girls – particularly minority girls in urban, low socioeconomic settings – increase their physical activity.

The five-year Girls on the Move project, funded by the National Heart , Lung, and Blood Institute – focuses on individual and web-based counseling sessions with school nurses and an after-school physical activity club.

Read more about the “Girls on the Move Intervention” supported by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. NIH Grant #: R01HL109101.

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More than 96 percent of the nation’s middle school-aged girls do not meet physical activity recommendations.
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According to federal estimates, 3.2 million middle school-aged girls are overweight or obese. In 24 schools throughout Michigan, Robbins and her team are working to instill lifelong exercise habits through a 17-week after-school physical activity program.