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Grad at a Glance: Kelly Adams - College of Nursing - Michigan State University

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Michigan State UniversityCollege of Nursing

Grad at a Glance: Kelly Adams Continued

Kelly Adams Headshot
Kelly Adams, PhD student

Adams is now at the end of her third year as a doctoral candidate with an expected graduation date of Dec. 2015. During her first three years of the program she built her idea and submitted a grant to the National Institutes of Health and included her research proposal. 

NIH Funding

Adams has been awarded a grant from the National Institute of Health for the amount of $33,601 toward her project "Emotion Regulation in African American Women with Heart Failure."

First Publication

Kelly Adams First Publication

Adams' was a co-author for "The Relationship of Bedside Nurses' Emotional Intelligence With Quality of Care" which was featured in The Journal of Nursing Care Quality. The study examined if emotional intelligence of units' bedside nurses is related to the quality of care delivered to the patients. Pictured from left to right: Jackeline Iseler, DNP student, and Kelly Adams, PhD student.