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Nurses Week 2023: Cultivating Community

As the College of Nursing and MSU grow together, we welcome all Spartan Nurses to be recognized as beacons of hope to those around them. We also honor the emotional, physical, and mental toll that manifests from being that beacon. Their sacrifice and triumph save lives and communities across the world.


Nurses Week 2023 will focus on revisiting the foundation of community strength. Recognizing the community around oneself heals wounds a person cannot address alone. We can also recognize the power each person has to improve their community of choice, no matter its size. An act of improvement can be as large as contributing to action that is bigger than oneself or as small as planting a new flower.



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We asked alumni, "What does the Spartan Nurse community mean to you?"




Linda White,

BSN ’75 


“I am proud to be a Spartan Nurse. My practice is reflective of the emphasis on strong assessment and communication skills, the application of new science in the care of patients, and the collaborative /team approach to patient care communities that makes a Spartan Nurse unique. My Spartan education afforded me a career that I am proud of and that I apply to volunteer activities in my community. I will be forever grateful to MSU.”



Kristen Beck,

BSN ‘05 


“Being a part of the Spartan Nurse community means that I will always have a place to call home.” 



Dawn Lambert

BSN ‘01


“You can yell, 'Go Green' anywhere, and there is bound to be someone who answers 'Go White!' There is always green aorund you if you look for it.” 



More from other Spartan Nurses ...


Katarzna Borkowski,

BSN ’08


“A family you can find anywhere in the world.” 


Jorden Wolfe,

BSN ‘17 


“A group of people who all support MSU, what it stands for, and what we can achieve as a whole.” 


Lisa Sylvest,

BSN ‘80


“A sense of belonging, common shared values.” 


Sharon Solomon,

BSN ‘79, MPA '93

“Common good, interdependence, empowering, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” 


Mary Boudreau,

MSW '90, DNP '18 


“I am honored to be a Spartan nurse and to continue to give to my community.” 


Katie Potter

BS (Horticulture) '05, BSN '15, MSN Candidate 


“Belonging within a group of people who understand what it means to be a Spartan Nurse, who shared the same highs and lows .” 


Michelle Cormier Mapes,

BSN ’83 


“A group that has a common interest in the betterment of the Spartan community at large. Cohesive.” 


Allison McCague,

BSN '13, MSN '17


“Pride! Both the BSN and MSN programs were rigorous and left me feeling very prepared to enter the workforce knowing I had the knowledge and skills to succeed.” 


Margaret Flynn,

BSN ‘95


“Gives me a lot of confidence that I can find resources if I need them.”