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College of Nursing

Post-Master's DNP

The post-master's Doctor of Nursing Practice degree is designed for advanced practice registered nurses with a master’s degree to complete terminal DNP degree. Students will have an option to complete an additional APRN specialty if requested, and be admitted to a concentration.           

Each applicant’s transcripts will be reviewed to determine the gap between DNP outcomes and their prior education. All candidates will complete a project, practicum, and identified courses.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the College of Nursing, and the admission requirements for the Doctor of Nursing Practice, students must meet the requirements specified below.

All of the following courses:

NUR 995: Doctor of nursing practice project I
NUR 996: Doctor of nursing practice project II
NUR 997: Doctor of nursing practice project III
Elective, or core courses as determined by review of previous APRN education

In addition, completion of a minimum 1,000 supervised clinical hours between the master’s degree and DNP programs is also required. Students will enroll in NUR 990 Special Problems to complete an individualized clinical learning plan that will achieve the remaining required hours.