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Barbara Given

  • University Distinguished Professor Emeritus
  • Associate Dean Emeritus


PhD, Michigan State University
MSN, The Ohio State University
BSN, The Ohio State University 


Sikorskii, A., Given, C.W., Given, B.A., Banik, A., Krauss, J.C. (2020). Patient engagement with an automated telephone symptom management intervention: Predictors and outcomes annals of behavioral medicine. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, Advance online publication.

Kamp, K.J., West, P., Holmstrom, A., Luo, Z., Wyatt, G., & Given, B.  (2019). Systematic review of social support on psychological symptoms and self-management behaviors among adults with inflammatory bowel disease. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 1(4), 380-389.

Marshall, V.K., Given, C.W.,  Sikorskii, A., Given, B.A., Rebecca H. Lehto, R.H. (2019). How adverse events and permanent medication stoppages affect changes in patients' beliefs about oral antineoplastic agents. Supportive Care in Cancer. Sept 16 [Epub ahead of print]

Marshall, V., Lehto, R., Given, C., Given, B., Sikorskii, A. (2019). Conceptualization of medication beliefs among patients with advanced cancer receiving oral oncolytic agents using a theory derivation approach. European Journal of Cancer Care, 28(2), e12988.

Vachon, E., Given, B.A., Given, C.W., & Dunn, S. (2019). Temporary stoppages and burden of treatment in patients with cancer. Oncology Nursing Forum, 46(5), 1-10.


Given, B.A., Consultant. Efficacy of MBSR Treatment of Cognitive Impairment among Breast Cancer Survivors. (7/1/2015 - 6/30/2020). Funded by NCI. Lengacher, C.A., Principal Investigator. Budget: $627,816

Given, B.A., Consultant. Novel Approach to Enhance Ostomy Care in Patients with Bladder and Colorectal Cancer. (5/1/17 – 4/30/19). Funded by NIH/NINR. Mohamed, N. Primary Investigator. Budget: $475,124.14

Given, B.A., Consultant. A Randomized Controlled Trial to Reduce Hopelessness through Enhanced Physical Activity in Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease. Funded by NIH/NINR. Dunn, S. Primary Investigator. Budget $349,045

Given, B.A., Consultant. An mHealth App to Enhance the Self-Management of Cancer Survivorship-Related Needs among Young Adult Females. (January 15, 2017-January 19, 2017). Funded by ONS Foundation. Cantrell, M.A., Primary Investigator. Budget: $24,802.

Given, B.A., Co-Investigator. Mobile Tool to Aid Health Behavior Choices. (6/1/2015- 5/31/2016).  Funded by Sparrow Center for Innovation and Research. Huh, J., Primary Investigator. Budget: $49,497.