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Clinical Experiences

Clinicals: Hands-on practical application

Translating what you have learned into working with patients is a key component of nursing education. In the classes that have clinical coursework (known as “clinical”), you will work under the supervision of College of Nursing faculty. Actively practicing BSN and MSN prepared nurse preceptors support College of Nursing faculty teaching senior level BSN and RN to BSN students. Similarly, master’s and doctoral prepared preceptors support graduate level faculty.

The College's Clinical Placement Coordinator processes all clinical placements. Once assigned to a clinical setting, you are responsible for transportation to and from your clinical site.

Traditional BSN and Accelerated Second Degree BSN Clinical Courses

Nursing 2
NUR 205: Introduction to Professional Nursing • 18 hrs/sem
Nursing 3
NUR 323: Nursing Care of Acute and Chronically Ill Patients I • 126 hrs/sem
NUR 333: Health Promotion• 42 hrs/sem
Nursing 4
NUR 337: Nursing Care of Acute and Chronically Ill Patients II • 126hrs/sem
NUR 371: Behavioral Health Nursing • 84hrs/sem
Nursing 5
NUR 438: Nursing Care of Children and Their Families • 84hrs/sem
NUR 439: Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family • 42hrs/sem
NUR 434: Nursing Care of Acute and Critically Ill Patients • 84hrs/sem
Nursing 6
NUR 460: Leadership in Clinical Practice • 135 hrs/sem
NUR 471: Public Health Nursing • 42hrs/sem

RN-to-BSN Clinical Courses

NUR 461: Community and Population Health – 45hrs/sem
NUR 465: Leadership Immersion – 45hrs/sem

Family Nurse Practitioner Clinical Courses

NUR 915: Clinical Diagnosis and Management I - Family 135 hrs
NUR 916: Clinical Diagnosis and Management II - Family 135 hrs
NUR 917: Clinical Diagnosis and Management III – Family 135 hrs
NUR 918: Clinical Diagnosis and Management IV – Family 180 hrs
NUR 919: Clinical Diagnosis and Management Immersion – Family 180 hrs

Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Clinical Courses

NUR 925: Clinical Diagnosis & Management I  - Adult Gerontology 135 hrs
NUR 926: Clinical Diagnosis & Management II- Adult –Gerontology 135 hrs
NUR 927: Clinical Diagnosis & Management III- Adult-Gerontology 135 hrs
NUR 928: Clinical Diagnosis & Management IV – Adult-Gerontology 180 hrs
NUR 929: Clinical Diagnosis and Management Immersion– Adult-Gerontology 180 hrs

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Clinical Courses

NUR 952: Psychopharmacology and Neuropathological Basis of Mental Illness (online)
NUR 953: Clinical Diagnosis & Management I – Psychiatric Assessment and Diagnosis 135 hrs
NUR 954: Clinical Diagnosis & Management II – Evidence Based Therapeutic Interventions 135 hrs
NUR 955: Clinical Diagnosis & Management III – Special Populations and Group 135 hrs
NUR 956: Clinical Management IV – Complex and Collaborative Mental Health Care 180 hrs
NUR 957: Clinical Management V - Clinical Immersion - Psychiatric Mental Health 180 hrs

Adult Gerontology Primary Care Clinical Nurse Specialist Clinical Courses

NUR 932: Clinical Decision Management and Acute Chronic Complex Conditions 135Hrs
NUR 933: Clinical Nurse Specialist Advanced Practice Role Development 135 hrs
NUR 934: Clinical Nurse Specialist Advanced Practice Role Development II 135 hrs
NUR 935: Clinical Nurse Specialist Advanced Practice Role Development III 135 hrs
NUR 936: Clinical Nurse Specialist Specialty Role Immersion I 135 hrs

Nurse Anesthesia Clinical Courses

NUR 975: Clinical Anesthesia Practicum
NUR 976: Clinical Anesthesia Practicum II
NUR 977: Clinical Anesthesia Practicum III
NUR 978: Clinical Anesthesia Practicum IV
NUR 979: Clinical Anesthesia Practicum V

Ph.D. Clinical Courses

NUR 998: Application of Scientific Knowledge in a Clinical