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Financial support for your nursing education

Several resources for financial assistance are available to College of Nursing students and applicants:


Scholarships are open to all nursing students who meet the eligibility requirements described for each award in the MSU College of Nursing Scholarship Listing, which is available by contacting your advisor or at this webpage. You must be enrolled and in good standing in a College of Nursing undergraduate or graduate program.

Once you apply, you are automatically considered for all scholarships for which you are eligible. However, you are encouraged to note those scholarships which are of particular interest on your application.

Selection and Notification of Recipients
Selection criteria vary for individual scholarships but may include academic achievement, financial need, leadership, and extracurricular involvement.

Scholarship applications are due March 31 of each year, and recipients are notified in May. Only students selected to receive scholarships will be notified. If you are selected, your scholarship award(s) will be credited to your student account in the following fall semester.


  1. Please complete the scholarship application relevant to your program:
  2. Please include contact information for one academic reference within the application.
  3. All application materials must be received on or before March 18 for full consideration.

For a full list of scholarships, visit our Scholarships webpage.

Michigan State University Resources

Information Specific to Graduate Students

  • External Funding for Students
    List of funding opportunities, eligibility requirements, and deadlines for various nursing grants and scholarships.

  • Graduate Fellowships
    Michigan State University and College of Nursing Graduate Fellowships provide awards toward the payment of tuition and fees for selected students. Preference is given to full-time students.

  • College of Nursing Graduate Assistantships
    The College of Nursing will periodically have a need for graduate assistantships for new and returning students. Graduate students who are in good standing and actively pursuing a graduate degree program are eligible for a graduate assistantship. Graduate assistants may assist in teaching nursing courses, be part of a faculty member’s research project or provide other services to the College. Assistantships are offered as a quarter time (10 hours per week); one-half time (20 hours per week) or three-quarter-time (30 hours per week) appointment. More details about assistantships can be found on the Graduate School's Graduate Assistantship webpage located here:

    Assistantship benefits include:
    • A bi-weekly stipend
    • A tuition waiver of up to nine credits per semester fall and spring and five credits during the summer
    • Enrollment in the university's graduate assistant health plan

There are three types of graduate assistantships: teaching, teaching exclusion and research:

  • Research assistantship: includes but is not limited to assisting faculty with research grant whose area of research focus is similar to their own
  • Teaching assistantship: includes but are not limited to preparing handouts, monitoring examinations, and other instructional duties
  • Teaching exclusion assistantship: see complete list of Teaching exclusion list here:

Please contact the Office of Student Affairs, at for more information.

Outside Funding Resources for Nursing Students