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We offer both full-time and part-time program options to meet the needs of each individual student. The full-time program curriculum is intended to be completed in four-years. Many students complete the full-time program while working 10-20 hours per week either at MSU or as a nurse. The part-time program is intended to be a six-year program. This enables students to pursue their PhD while also having time to manage other responsibilities like working full time and/or take care of family.

For examples of each curriculum, please see the PhD Handbook. The director of the PhD Program, Dr. Lorraine Robbins, is happy to answer any questions you may have!

Course requirements

66 credits minimum at the doctoral level:
CEP 933: Quantitative Methods in Educational Research II or EPI 808: Biostatistics I
CEP 934: Multivariate Data Analysis I or EPI 809: Biostatistics II
NUR 920: Translation of Research and Scientific Knowledge to a Community Setting
NUR 921: Scientific Foundations of Nursing Knowledge Development
NUR 924: Designing Interventions for Improving Health Outcomes
NUR 930: Methods in Clinical Research
NUR 939: Improving Health Outcomes: Scientific Foundations
NUR 940: Research Practicum 
NUR 950: Nursing Research Seminar I
NUR 951: Nursing Research Seminar II
NUR 999: Nursing Dissertation
VAR: Qualitative research course, as approved by committee
VAR: At least two courses in area of concentration, as approved by committee
VAR: At least two additional statistics courses, as approved by committee

PhD Curriculum

NOTE: Students who have not completed a master's degree in nursing may be required to complete additional coursework as identified by their Faculty Advisor and Program Guidance Committee.

Optional College of Nursing Certification in College Teaching Program (CCTP):

NUR 861: Curriculum design 
NUR 866: Academic and clinical teaching in nursing education