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College of Nursing



Course requirements

66 credits minimum at the doctoral level:
EPI 808: Biostatistics I or CEP 932: Quantitative methods in educational research I
EPI 809: Biostatistics II or CEP 933: Quantitative methods in educational research II
NUR 920: Transition of research and scientific knowledge to a community setting
NUR 921: Scientific foundations of nursing knowledge development
NUR 924: Designing interventions for improving health outcomes
NUR 930: Methods in clinical research
NUR 939: Improving health outcomes: Scientific foundations
NUR 940: Research practicum 
NUR 950: Nursing research seminar I
NUR 951: Nursing research seminar II
NUR 999: Nursing dissertation
VAR: Qualitative research course, as approved by committee
VAR: At least two courses in area of concentration, as approved by committee
VAR: At least two additional statistics courses, as approved by committee

NOTE: Students who have not completed a master's degree in nursing may be required to complete additional coursework as identified by their Faculty Advisor and Program Guidance Committee.

Optional College of Nursing Certification in College Teaching Program (CCTP):

NUR 861: Curriculum design 
NUR 866: Academic and clinical teaching in nursing education