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Why join the PhD program

How has the PhD program prepared you for advanced roles, and how will you apply the knowledge and skills gained from the program in your future work?

Embarking on a journey to pursue a PhD in nursing has been a transformative experience for me. This program has significantly enriched my skills and knowledge, empowering me to become a more proficient researcher, educator, and leader in the nursing field. My motivation for enrolling in a PhD program in nursing was driven by my aspiration to make a substantial impact on patient care and contribute to the advancement of nursing science. - Mohammed Alanazi


The PhD program has been instrumental in enhancing my skills and knowledge as a nurse and a research scientist. Since enrolling in the program, my critical thinking and academic writing capabilities have grown significantly. I've also honed leadership and service skills, along with gaining expertise in an area of research that resonates deeply with me. - Callie Harris


Embarking on a PhD program has significantly enhanced my skills and knowledge as a nurse and research scientist. This program has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of diverse research methodologies, encompassing both qualitative and quantitative approaches, along with adeptness in data analysis techniques. In addition, I have cultivated critical thinking skills that empower me to identify and analyze intricate issues within the realm of nursing and healthcare. The program has also expanded my knowledge of nursing theories, patient care, and healthcare systems, which has proven instrumental in crafting effective interventions for enhanced patient outcomes. - Hesam Varpaei


What motivated you to pursue a PhD in nursing, and how has the program met or exceeded your expectations?

The program has not only fulfilled but surpassed my expectations by providing rigorous training in research methodologies, critical analysis, and theory development. It has continuously challenged me to think critically, explore innovative ideas, and engage in intellectual discourse with my peers and mentors. The PhD program has meticulously prepared me to be a nurse scientist through comprehensive coursework and immersive research experiences. I have acquired expertise in advanced statistical methods, grant proposal composition, and scholarly communication. - Mohammed Alanazi


After years of being an undergraduate clinical instructor, a desire for scholarly engagement and leadership roles prompted my pursuit of a PhD. The program has exceeded my expectations by not only equipping me with advanced skills but also by providing insights into the role of a nurse researcher within academia. - Callie Harris


My motivation to pursue a PhD in nursing emanated from a deep-seated desire to contribute to the advancement of nursing research and healthcare practices. The PhD program has exceeded my expectations by offering an academically challenging yet nurturing environment. It has provided avenues for rigorous scholarship, critical inquiry, and collaborative research. Exposure to diverse perspectives has fostered a comprehensive understanding of nursing and healthcare complexities. The faculty's guidance and mentorship have been invaluable in identifying avenues for personal and professional growth. - Hesam Varpaei


How has the PhD program improved your skills and knowledge as a nurse and/or research scientist?

Furthermore, the program has broadened my perspective, allowing me to think more expansively and creatively about the intricate social and cultural factors influencing health outcomes and healthcare provision. Looking ahead, I intend to employ the knowledge and skills gained from this PhD program to further my career. I plan to conduct research that addresses pivotal issues in nursing and healthcare, as well as share my expertise through teaching and mentoring the forthcoming generation of nursing scholars and practitioners. Additionally, I aim to leverage my insights to shape health policies and elevate the quality of care for diverse populations. All in all, this PhD program has been a transformative journey that has deepened my comprehension of nursing science and readied me for a gratifying career in the field. I express gratitude for the unwavering support and guidance of my mentors, colleagues, and the esteemed program faculty. I eagerly anticipate continuing my contributions to the nursing profession through research, education, and advocacy. - Mohammed Alanazi


The PhD program has readied me for more advanced roles in nursing research, academia, and healthcare leadership. It has endowed me with research, critical thinking, and leadership skills essential for securing a tenure-track position at a research-intensive university. - Callie Harris


The PhD program has primed me for advanced roles in nursing research, academia, and healthcare leadership. It has endowed me with the competence to design, execute, and disseminate research findings, contribute to healthcare policy formulation, and propel nursing science forward. The comprehensive coursework, research projects, and teaching experiences have equipped me to be an adept communicator, educator, and leader. I intend to apply the acquired knowledge and skills by engaging in interdisciplinary research collaborations, mentoring emerging researchers, and sharing research insights with a broader audience. - Hesam Varpaei