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College of Nursing

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What it takes to become a nurse


Student residency

Michigan State University only offers certain online programs to students based on their residence at the time of application for admission to Michigan State University. See state-by-state summary. 


Student notification

Applicants or students enrolling in any course or program shall be notified if graduates of the program in which they are enrolling qualify to sit for any licensure, licensure exam, third-party certification, third-party certification exam, or similar credential related to the program’s field of study. This notice shall be clearly stated and given regardless of whether the license, certification or other credential is required to enter the student’s chosen field of study or occupation. The notification shall be in writing and signed or otherwise acknowledged by the student. 


Professional licensure, certification, and exams 

Applicants or students should contact the applicable licensing board(s) in the states they wish to pursue licensure before seeking admission or beginning study in a course or program.