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College of Nursing

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Equipment and Startup Costs

Everything you need to hit the ground running

New students are required to obtain various pieces of equipment, training and licensure in preparation for Nursing II studies. Any costs included below are estimated. 

  • ACE Passport:  $50
  • ATI (each semester): $193
  • Background Check, Fingerprinting, Drug Screen: $167
  • BLS /CPR training (if needed): $75
  • Clinical ID badge: $5‐7
  • College of Nursing Skills Bag: $290 (more info given @orientation)
  • Current National Student Nurses Association Membership: $35
  • Current MSU Nursing Student Association Membership: $10 (per year)
  • Flu shot: $20-$25
  • Laptop*: $1,000
  • Skyscape digital references**: $155
  • Stethoscope: $53-$92 (order form here)
  • Uniforms (more info given @ orientation): $150
  • Shoes (more info given @ orientation): $100
  • SafeMedicate License: $125

*Only required if you do not have one already.

** Level one nursing curriculum requires that students and faculty utilize a handheld/mobile device loaded with specific medical and nursing references. This will be an essential tool for your clinical experience as well as some classroom assignments. MSU has collaborated with Skyscape, a digital reference vendor, to offer the required digital references at a discount. This package is available online only. It cannot be purchased at any of the MSU bookstores. A website has been set up specifically for MSU nursing students. 

Estimated total: $1,435.00
With laptop: $2,435.00

Additional resources

RN Constellation Plus ($155), which includes: 

  • Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses 

  • RN Notes: Nurse, Clinical Pocket Guide 
  • Diseases and Disorders: A Therapeutic Nursing Manual 
  • Davis’s Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory and diagnostic Tests with Nursing Implications 
  • Taber’s Cylcopedic Medical Dictionary 
  • Archemedes 360 Medical calculator 
  • MedAlert 
  • Life Support 360 

When ordering the references you will be required to select a platform. If you wish to use an alternate handheld/mobile device such as your own Palm, Blackberry, iPhone, etc. the following platforms will work with the required references: 

iOS 5.1 or higher 
Blackberry 4.1 to 7 
Windows Desktop PC 
Android 2.1 or Higher 

Contact Andy Greger
(517) 353-9020

Travel requirement:

In the College of Nursing, we use a variety of clinical sites throughout the state to facilitate the strongest preparation possible for our students. 

As such, it is important for you to know this will require you to travel to various locations for your clinical experience. You will have to travel out of the Greater Lansing area and you will be required to travel to clinical sites located in such places as Grand Rapids, the Detroit metro area, Dearborn, and other locations in order to meet program requirements. 

You should also be aware that you will be responsible for your own transportation to all clinical sites and any associated costs.

Nursing Student Association membership:

During your orientation, a few members from the Nursing Student Association Executive Board will meet with you to discuss the benefits of getting involved with NSA, as well as let you know how you can sign up for membership. 

You may have heard about NSA as a pre-nursing student, and you may already be a member. If not, now is the time to join! The Nursing Student Association is the College of Nursing’s largest student organization with over 300 members. It meets monthly and hosts a variety of community service opportunities, great guest speakers, a job fair, book scholarships, a mentor program, and three conventions for members to attend. 

Membership dues are good for all four semesters and only cost $20.

Feel free to email the NSA with any questions.