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High School Information Session (Cancelled)

High School Information Session (Cancelled)

MSU College of Nursing short video on the history of nursing pins and the pinning ceremony.

The "We Are Called" poem and video honoring the MSU College of Nursing and Spartan Nurses everywhere.

MSU public health in Flint. Spartan nurses have reached more than 15,000 Flint residents since the start of the city’s water crisis. Patrick Hawkins is a nurse and instructor and Rhonda Conner-Warren is an instructor and pediatric nurse practitioner in MSU’s College of Nursing.  

"I want to help transform healthcare in Africa to make sure nurses are valued and play a bigger part in the system of care. We need exceptional nurses, like #SpartanNurses. Nurses are on the front lines. We are closest to the patients. We understand your needs and work to ensure they get the best possible care," -Roberta Dankyi

What makes a Spartan a Spartan? The relentless drive to turn question marks into exclamation points. Believing that we are strong as one but extraordinary together. And it’s our impact that matters most. What makes a Spartan is what’s inside. The commitment to something bigger. Because the world never stops asking: Who Will? Spartans Will.

Jill Vondrasek, Marketing and Communications Director at the College of Nursing, was recently awarded the Jack Breslin Distinguished Staff Award. Recipients are recognized for their ability to exceed expectations and go "Above and Beyond". The award is the most significant staff award one can earn at Michigan State University.  

The Affordable Care Act has created volatility in the healthcare system. Dean Randolph F. R. Rasch looked at the impact of these changes on patient care, nursing practice and nursing education in a Coffee with the Profs segment. One of the MSU Alumni Association’s Featured Offerings, the Coffee with the Profs series highlights research done by some of the university’s finest faculty and staff.

Susan Dunn is a nurse scientist. Her research focuses on the concept of hopelessness in adults who suffer from coronary heart disease. As a researcher who has had success with local and regional research funding, Dunn was asked to co-lead a workshop titled “Scholarship on a Dime” at a recent Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS) conference. This led to an invitation to co-write a special issue of the Western Journal of Nursing Research titled, “Conducting Research with Limited Funding.”

College of Nursing senior Sarai Garcia’s MSU story was one that almost didn’t happen. But Garcia—a southern Texas native and first-generation college student—has learned what it means to persevere. It was something she learned early on, as her parents began migrating seasonally to work in a canning factory in Wisconsin when she was in fifth grade.

U.S. Army veteran Kyle Wilson’s path to MSU’s College of Nursing wasn’t an easy one. From managing 60 medics in Korea to running a busy household, it’s clear by her actions that Wilson doesn’t have any desire to sit behind a desk. “I set my mind on becoming a nurse,” said Wilson. “I knew becoming a nurse would be a challenge, but if I wanted “easy,” I would have gone somewhere else.”

For close to five decades, Barbara Given has pioneered oncology nursing, exploring everything from family home care to symptom management. She currently leads the college’s efforts to improve oral chemotherapy, and has helped thousands of patients and their families with her community-based care research.

Faculty Conversations: Rhonda Conner-Warren
Rhonda Conner-Warren is involved in vaccination efforts with the Ingham County Department of Health - Child Health Clinic.

“In the Child Health Clinic, the number one issue is immunizations,” Conner-Warren said.“We want to make sure that we don’t miss an opportunity and we review immunizations with each and every visit, irrespective of what your visit is for.”

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