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iCON | Intranet
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The Michigan State University College of Nursing loves to share stories abouts its students, alumni and faculty with the world. We continue to produce quality series about our remarkable Spartan Nurses, which you can view by clicking on the images below. Check back often for new series!

Allies (NEW SERIES, MAY 2023)

When you get a Spartan Nurse, you get more than a provider. You get a friend. You get an ally. "Allies" tells the stories of patients and the special relationships they developed with their health care providers, some of which transcended the exam room and into everyday life. WATCH NOW.

"Welcome to Sebewaing" sign.

Neighborhood Nurses

The Michigan State University College of Nursing is home to more than 7,300 living alumni, nearly three quarters of which practice in Michigan. Of those, many Spartan nurses choose to return to the places they've called "home" for all or most their lives. These are the stories of those "Neighborhood Nurses" who continue to care for their family, friends and neighbors upon their return from East Lansing. WATCH NOW.


As nurses, we know each type of patient population we provide care for has unique challenges and considerations. From Native Americans to parishioners and back pain patients to the critically injured, Michigan State University College of Nursing alumni, employees and students are on the front lines ensuring all groups get access to the care they desperately and deservedly need.

And in some of these populations, nurses serve are more than just care providers, they are lifelines. WATCH NOW.

A Healthier Tomorrow

Michigan State University College of Nursing researchers continue to excel and lead the way in innovations in nursing. From cancer to healthy eating and physical activity, our researchers are addressing today’s most pressing challenges. Learn more about some of our researchers in this series of animated videos, "A Healthier Tomorrow." WATCH NOW.

Comfort & Coping: Stories from Hospice and Palliative Care

Through hospice and palliative care, nurses are tasked with caring for patients during their most vulnerable moments. Often stigmatized, Comfort & Coping explores the true essence of hospice and palliative care, as seen through the eyes of Spartan Nurses. 

Their perceptions of life, death and terminal illness have been influenced and challenged throughout their heartening journey of providing patient-centered, end-of-life care. WATCH NOW.

Nurses from the Unleashed series.


There's an art and a science to nursing. Whether it is empathy, self-confidence or any number of skills, nurses need to possess them all to deliver effective, impactful care to their patients. In "Unleashed," we connect with some of our current students and recent graduates to see which skills they developed during their time at the Michigan State University College of Nursing, and how they have applied them to the real world. WATCH NOW.

Students at the Michigan State University College of Nursing (CON) come from varied backgrounds and experiences. "CONfidential" gives our Spartan Nurses a chance to tell their stories, from their perspective. WATCH NOW.