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College of Nursing


There's an art and a science to nursing. Whether it is empathy, self-confidence or any number of skills, nurses need to possess them all to deliver effective, impactful care to their patients. In "Unleashed," we connect with some of our current students and recent graduates to see which skills they developed during their time at the Michigan State University College of Nursing, and how they have applied them to the real world.

Cailtin Moore, standing in front of "Magic City" sign.


Caitlin Moore, CNS '22

Sometimes patients need an advocate in the exam room. See how Cailtin Moore is going the extra step to ensure patients from marginalized communities in Alabama to get the care they both need and deserve, especially when others aren't listening. READ MORE.

Muna Alali in front of Beaumont Tower.


Muna Alali, PhD student

Moving from Saudi Arabia to the United States, Muna Alali needed to build a community and she found it at Michigan State University.  READ MORE.

Pablo Garcia in front of Bott building.


Pablo Garcia, Nurse Anesthesiology student

Nurse Anesthesiology can be taxing at times, especially early on in the program. Pablo Garcia knows the hard work will pay off in both his chosen profession and when he participates in additional mission trips in his native Guatemala. READ MORE.

Natalie Jones next to AIDS ribbon sign.


Natalie Jones, BSN '02, DNP '21, PMHNP post-master's '22

When Natalie Jones sees her teenage and early twenty-something HIV-positive patients, she never quite knows what to expect. From possible substance abuse issues to anxiety about sharing their diagnosis with family, she needs to think critically in a fast-moving, high-stakes environment. READ MORE.

Cailin McDaniel walking through hallway of Henry Ford Health.


Cailin McDaniel, Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner student

First-generation college student Cailin McDaniel has a lot on her plate: Grad school, twin two-year-olds and her job as a nurse for Henry Ford Health. Through discipline and time management, she finds a way to fit it all into her daily schedule. READ MORE.

Trevor Baird with preceptor in clinic hallway.


Trevor Gabel-Baird, Family Nurse Practitioner student

A bad experience working alongside a nurse who was treating a transgender patient motivated Trevor Gabel-Baird to round out his skill set and to ensure patients from all backgrounds, especially the LGBTQIA+ community, are treated with empathy and respect. READ MORE.

Michael Stachelski, in scrubs, in hospital hallway.


Michael Stachelski, Accelerated BSN student

Michael Stachelski might not have gotten into nursing school on his first try, but one nutritional science degree later and a second time applying to the college and he is now just weeks away from earning his BSN . READ MORE.