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Kristine A. Rose

  • Assistant Professor


PhD, Illinois State University Mennonite
MSN-Ed, Saint Francis Medical Center 
BSN, Saint Francis Medical Center

Interest Areas:

Civility and incivility in nursing education 
Improving BSN students' clinical judgment
Activity learning strategies


Rose, K.A., Jenkins, S., Mallory, C., Astroth, K., Jarvill, M., Woith, W. (2019). An integrative review of incivility in nursing dducation. Nurse Educator 00(00), 0-0. doi: 10.1097/NNE.0000000000000719.

Rose, K.A., Jenkins, S., Woith, W., Astroth, K. & Jarvill, M. (2019). Testing a web-based intervention to improve awareness of civility and incivility in baccalaureate nursing students (Submitted for publication).

Rose, K.A, Jenkins, S., Jarvill, M., Woith, W., & Astroth, K. (2019). Lessons learned: using semi, virtual reality simulation to raise nursing students’ awareness of civility and incivility (Submitted for publication).

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