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College of Nursing

Statement on the Derek Chauvin verdict

The jury has rendered its verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial. To refresh your memory, this was the case of the Minneapolis police officer who was being tried for three charges related to manslaughter and murder of George Floyd. The case — which involved a white police officer and black victim — sparked a series of protests and discussions across the country regarding race relations and policing in the United States.


Whether you agree with the verdict or not — nothing can bring back a life that was so senselessly taken — now is the time to come together to make the contributions to our greater society in hopes of becoming the change we wish to see. As it relates to nursing, we must make continue to make contributions to nursing practice, education and research that improve the health and lives of patients with whom we encounter in various settings. Remember, we must treat all patients fairly, regardless of race or background and we must show them compassion during their time of need. 


We can — and should — fight for equality and equity in health care and the greater society but should do so through civil discourse and peaceful actions. We must look within ourselves as well, knowing that we are not all perfect, and strive to make improvements that will benefit society as a whole.


Together, we will change health care. Together, we will change society.


Yours in Spartan spirit,
Randolph F.R. Rasch
Dean and Professor