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We are excited to introduce a new study aimed at improving education surrounding the HPV vaccine. This study is mainly concerned with children aged 11-14 and their parents/guardians. This study will be conducted with patients at MSU pediatric clinics. Compensation using Amazon gift cards will be offered.


Game: Participants will play a roughly 10-15 minute game in which they fight monsters and learn information about the HPV vaccine prior to their clinic appointment. This game will be played on tablets provided by researchers and is meant to spark communication between children, parents, and care providers. 


Survey: Participants will be asked to fill out a brief survey before and after gameplay. After, they will attend their appointment as scheduled. Researchers will remain in touch via text message and follow up in 7 months for more information. Optionally, participants may be asked to give a more in-depth interview regarding the game, its performance, and recommended improvements.


Parental and Child Consent: All participants will be asked to fill out parental consent and child assent forms. Participants may withdraw from the study if they wish at any time.