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Scholarship Impact: Danya Hill

Danya Hill, a fourth-year BSN student from Pontiac, Mich. Has a firm understanding of the issues facing African Americans in health care. Hill, who grew up in Afrocentric household, has seen how a lack of representation in the medical field can lead to inadequate care due to racial, socioeconomic, and sex biases. Understanding the lived experience and history of African Americans and their treatment by the healthcare system, Hill was inspired to pursue a career in nursing.

“My upbringing humbles me. I love to mention where I’m from,” Hill said.

Getting through nursing school has been no easy task for Hill, who has been busy balancing multiple jobs, such as being a Resident Assistant and a medical abstracter, the latter of which is in the MSU Department of Medicine. Additionally, Hill previously held a position on E-Board for the Red Cedar Black Caucus, and often take on extra roles such as previously working on campus at Sparty’s Market to help make ends meet. After finding out she was a recipient of the Florence Nothstine Scholarship, Hill was elated to learn that her work ethic had paid off and she could experience some financial relief.

“When I found out I received the scholarship, it meant a lot. I jumped for joy,” Hill said. “As well as getting the opportunity to speak the Scholarships and Awards Banquet, I was able to visually see my hard work paying off.”

She aims to use the scholarship as a chance to save more, and as well as studying abroad in Dubai. After graduating, Hill plans to go to graduate school and obtain a PhD. She isn’t sure if she will pursue in medicine or remain in nursing.

“I want to help a person holistically, I don’t want to just focus on a problem. I was to focus on the persona and how I can best help their body, mind and spirit.” Hill says of her approach to health care. “Homeopathic alternatives heal a person inside out, and I wasn’t to use my education at Michigan State as a chance to explore this concept.”

Hill, who also is pursuing minors in health promotion and African-American and African Studies, mentions that although it is not always easy going to school as a predominantly white institution, she has found support through the faculty and staff of the College of Nursing many times. 

“In the College of Nursing, they want us to succeed. The Teachers care, the dean cares and they have shown me this repeatedly,” Hill explains.

She shares how after experience the personal loss of her aunt Linda and having to miss a mandatory clinical due to Covid, her professor Linda Hansen, went out of her way to help Hill make up the work virtually for eight hours on her day off.

“We constantly receive help when we need it,” Hill says.