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Alumni named to National Menopause Foundation's Medical Advisory Committee

Nancy King Reame, BSN ’69, looks to represent underserved areas on committee assignment


Dr. Nancy King Reame, BSN ’69, has built a career around menopause and reproductive nursing research. With this nomination to the newly formed National Menopause Foundation, Reame can continue to promote patient advocacy for those most vulnerable.

Reame has collected several accolades in her over 40 years of research. Specializing in reproductive neuroendocrinology, she has authored and co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed medical publications related to women’s health issues. She holds the position of Mary Dickey Lindsay Professor Emerita at Columbia University’s School of Nursing.

Reame maintained connections to the MSU College of Nursing through her service on the CON Alumni Board. She served during Dr. Mary Mundt’s tenure as dean of the college. Reame also holds positions on the American Bone Health Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, using her personal health experience as a guiding principle of her involvement.

The National Menopause Foundation (NMF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering education and advocacy for people experiencing menopause. Founded in 2019, the organization aims to develop communities for people experiencing menopause and all the stages that come with it. Claire Gill, CEO and founder of NMF personally recruiting Reame to join the NMF’s Medical Advisory Committee.

“Claire explained that she wanted a free-standing patient education organization, something that wasn’t available for menopause yet,” said Reame. “She’s a dynamic person and a great advocate for patients.”

Reame is proud of how far nursing research has come in recent decades. She entered the field in an era when nursing was not recognized as a valuable research field. Today, nursing research is arriving at a growth phase that allows more opportunity for up and coming researchers.

“Now is a perfect time to find what you are passionate about to stick with it,” said Nancy when asked for advice to new researchers. “Find yourself a mentor and don’t let go of that passion.”