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Give Green Day 2024: Make your impact

This Give Green Day, the College of Nursing is focusing on supporting organizations and fund that promote student success. One such organization, the Nursing Workforce Diversity program, aims to to create a diverse and inclusive nursing community where every student finds the opportunity to thrive academically and professionally. Your support will provide the NWDP with resources to empower students, help them overcome barriers, and become successful nurses.

The following letter is written by Phillip Seaborn, the Associate Director for Student Success and Retention in the College of Nursing. Take a moment to learn about the impact of workforce diversity and supporting student success.

Dear Donor,

I am writing to garner your support for the Nursing Workforce Diversity program and its key initiative, ACCESS. The ACCESS program is a transformative initiative that has been making a significant impact for nearly two decades. 

In 2010, the College of Nursing received a HRSA Nursing Workforce Diversity Grant, a crucial milestone that paved the way for the ACCESS program's inception. Designed to provide educationally and economically vulnerable students with opportunities to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, ACCESS has been a beacon of hope for many low-income, first-generation college students. 

Over the years, the program has evolved into a vehicle for overcoming barriers and facilitating successful transitions into nursing careers. The heart of ACCESS lies in its biweekly sessions, which offer networking, mentoring, and academic enrichment. These sessions have played a pivotal role in supporting students, enabling them to overcome obstacles and thrive academically. 

Looking ahead, we aspire not only to sustain but also to enhance our impact. Your generous support will enable us to continue our existing efforts and expand our reach. With your contribution, we aim to provide additional support for tutoring, tuition, essential supplies like books, stethoscopes, nursing bags, and other miscellaneous costs that often go beyond traditional funding sources. Furthermore, your support will empower us to offer resources for assessing and preparing students to complete the NCLEX-RN exam successfully and delivering a summer enrichment program for students with aspirations of becoming a nurse. 

Our commitment to the cause remains unwavering. With your support, we can create a nurturing space where students can overcome challenges and thrive academically and professionally. Your contribution will be instrumental in making a lasting impact on the lives of these aspiring nursing professionals. 

Thank you for your consideration and time. 


Phillip Seaborn

Associate Director for Student Success & Retention
Michigan State University College of Nursing
Office of Student Affairs